War With the Newts

Knaïve Theatre

Directed by Tyrrell Jones

Summerhall Edinburgh and national tour

"Hannah Sibai’s set design – from the red water troughs where the newts are bred to the orange containers in which they are transported – provides a strong visual aesthetic. We are convinced that the objects here once had a clear localised function, but have been repurposed now for a world of refugees. There is also something so plausible and tangible about the set’s excessively plastic texture." - Exeunt Magazine

"Hannah Sibai makes some strong and memorable statements [..] and is particularly successful in dressing the actors: she has the right eye for theatre." - British Theatre

"From the moment you step foot into the theatre you feel transported into another world, which is a testament to the incredible mood crafted in this intimate space: from the stellar sound design [...] to the astounding set that makes us feel trapped in the bowels of an ancient decaying vessel. The show’s incredible job at world-building draws us into the absurdity and horror of this sci-fi dystopia, and had me glued to the edge of the fish container I was sat on for the entirety of the performance." - Broadway Baby

Photo credits:

The Other Richards

Dawn Kilner (labelled)


August 2018