Developed and performed by Xavier de Sousa, An* Neely, Yas Clarke and Emmy Lahouel.

Lighting Design by Tarrek Wilks

Photo credit: Sable Radio

"Welcome to REGNANT. We hope you feel welcome and come with an open appetite and an even more open mind. 

Our Host will be taking care of you and see you to your seat. 

Our Maestro will be playing a live score composed for you. 

Our Chef will be preparing the best food for you. 

Our Scribe will be drawing our collective manuscript for you. 

You are welcome to interact in this performance installation however you wish to. If you take your seat at the table, you Will be offered food and drink You will be finding a new community of friends, or colleagues. But most importantly, you will be invited to dream out loud, to debate and ‘make bread’. 

REGNANT is a new performance installation, a dinner party with the guests diving into how we interact with each other within the context of migration and belonging. It is composed live with you, our guests, and patrons. Almost all the materials present on stage, from the pottery to the decoration and the food, have been created by hand for you. As your hosts, we invite you to join us at the dinner table, get merry, make friends and explore structures of power within local communities and how they influence how we shape our collective future."




Set Designer