Gala Theatre Durham

Directed by Tom Wright

Lighting: Dan Smith

Written by Jim Cartwright

Photo credit: Lee Dobson

"Designer Hannah Sibai has recreated a traditional yet modernised northern pub which, aided by Dan Smith’s lighting, creates exactly the right atmosphere for the actors to work their magic, and magic of all kinds it is. At one point I wondered if Harry Potter was standing in the wings pointing a wand at Johnson and saying “Changio!” as she walked off in one costume and appeared just one line later in another." - British Theatre Guide review

"It might have been written in 1989, but the characters of Jim Cartwright's Two are as relatable as ever. There are 14 in total, the owners and clientele of a typical North East pub (the set wonderfully designed by Hannah Sibai). All are played by just two actors, Jess Johnson and Christopher Price, with a quick jacket or jumper change signalling the arrival of a new person. Some are loveable, others are most certainly not, but all are magnificently portrayed by Johnson and Price. They are instantly distinct and distinguished, so much so that the viewer soon forgets that these are just two people (the costumes of Sibai help define the differences)." - Northern Echo review


October 2018